DVDs and DVDs Digital Version offered ont this page are designed

for the Biodanza teachers, and the Biodanza students in the third year of study in an IBF official school.

They are (DVDs) in addition to educational materials. They are of no use to anyone else.

PLEASE note there will be NO REFUND for DVDs and DVDs Digital Version purchased. Sales are final. Thank you.

DVDs Series (Downloadable Version) - Dances, Exercises and Movements in Biodanza "Rolando Toro System"

You are a Biodanza Teacher or Student of the third year in a Biodanza School ? This material ( 4 DVDs - 101 exercices ) has been created especially for you by Hélène Lévy Benseft. It comes as a complement to the Official IBF- CIMEB Catalogue of Exercises and Musics, remitted to the teachers of Biodanza at conclusion of their studies.

(this product comes in french, english, spanish and italian information). For complete list of Dances and Exercices, click here.

Full Downloadable Versions.

DVD Series (Downloadable Versions)
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